Genet General Hospital PLC was founded in May 2007 E.C in Addis Ababa by a family of medical doctors having years of experience serving in various public as well as private hospitals, as well as in different management posts in the Ethiopian Health Sector. Over the years GGH Plc has grown from medium clinic, to higher clinic, to middle hospital and to its current general hospital status all the while dedicated to providing health care services of an excellent professional standard to the community. This growth is mainly owed to dedication to ensuring excellent health service provision, which strictly adheres to the national guidelines and professional standards.
Our MISSION : to serve has Genet General Hospital PLC committed towards acquiring and retaining the necessary financial, human, material and information resource to create a foundation of professionalism which guarantees accountability, as well as delivery of safe, patient-centric, quality health care to our community whilst ensuring the balance of quality, access, and sustainability.

Our overall VISION : as an evolving medical institution is that by investing in human resource, infrastructure, and technology, we at Genet General Hospital PLC aim towards efficient and effective medical service delivery; granting service seekers equal access to an integrated healthcare delivery system oriented towards delivery of quality care, and ensuring improved quality of life of the community.


MEDICAL STAFF: Total 37 (Male: 17 Female: 20 )
ADMIN AND SUPPORT STAFF: Total 27 (Male: 2 Female: 25 )

Specialty departments: Include 

  • Medical Consultancy (Outpatient)
  • Inpatient Services (25 bed admission capacity)
  • Medical Emergency Services
  • Laboratory and Diagnostics Services
  • Ophthalmology Consultancy
  • Dermatological Consultancy
  • Surgical Consultancy
  • Urological Consultancy
  • Pediatrics and Child Health Consultancy


Mobile: +251-911-416507
Fax: +251-115-527690