Ethio-TebibGeneral Hospital (E.T.G.H)

The hospital provides efficient, competitive, diversified and multi disciplinary high quality services including all form of specializations and other collaborative preventive and promotion health care facilities. It also provides in socially responsible manner supported by appropriate modern technologies as well as qualified and motivated team of management and staff imbued with high professional and ethical standards.

The hospital provides varieties of clinical services in different departments both for In-patients and Out-patients. In addition to these, YCT & ART, TB, EPI, family planning, MCH services are being given at our hospital. It also has several well-equipped OPDs, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Internal medicine, surgery, Gynecology & pediatric, Orthopedic, psychiatry, Dermatology, Endoscopy, physiotherapy, emergency service, including emergency surgical intervention, pediatric emergency care, anesthesia services, and neurology, ambulance service, medical recording, counseling, consultation & referral line, etc. 

A general private hospital established in 06/-2/1994 E.C. it is owned by Tebib PLC. It is giving basic services to a variety of paying patients. It is located at the west of Addis Ababa kolfe Area.

Mission:Giving quality care to patients to transform hospital to multi-disciplinaryhigh quality services including all form of specialization and othercollaborative prevention and promotion health care and facilities should belimited. Our desire is to build a strong and healthy hospital of which thecurrent and future generations will be proud of.

Vision:To be the most preferred hospital of the people


Tel +251 935 402 171
+251 911 227 555
Fax: +251112782073
Ethio-Tebib generalhospital is located in Addis Ababa, around Addis Ketema Sub-city, special areaof Sefere-selam.

Staffand specialization

three Internists, twoSurgeons, two Gynecologists, three Radiologists, forty nurses, sixAnesthetists, six midwifery, five Public health officers, five Pharmacists,four Radiographers, four Laboratory technologists, three Laboratorytechnicians, two Physiotherapists, Dermatologist, Neurosurgeon, Psychiatrist,Gastroenterologist, Plastic surgeon, General practitioner, Anesthesiologist,and Pathologist.

The hospital providesvarieties of clinical services in different departments such as:


Gynecological andobstetrical department,

Maternity department,

Major and minoroperation department,

Orthopedic department,




Outpatient department,

 Inpatient department,

Anesthesia department,

Mental health,





Child health andimmunization,


TB department,

Family planningdepartment,

HIV testing andtreatment department ART,

PMTCT department,

VCT department,

HMUS department


 Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics,Gynecology and Obstetrics, surgery, gastroenterology, pathology,anesthesiology, pediatrics, radiology, psychiatry, and dermatology.