1.Christmas International Brain & Spine Hospital

Christmas International Brain & Spine Hospital (CIBSH​)
Private hospital specialized in neurology/neurosurgery, established in 2012 Christmas International Brain and Spine Specialized Hospital is the first ever “state of the art” medical center in East Africa established in 2012 to provide medical and surgical treatment of affections of the brain, spinal cord, skull, bony spinal column and nerves.

Mission Provide high-tech and world class neurosurgical care in the country with Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence

Vision :Be leaders in neurosurgical patient care, treatment and rehabilitation across Africa


          Addis Ababa Hayahulet, behind St. gabriel’s hospital, next to 24 Kebele bridge
            Mobile: 0924 432017 & 0936 010421
            Email : zdamtie@yahoo.com
            Website: www.xmasneurohospital.com

The hospital is organized in six units also called centers:
  • Epilepsy and Neurophysiology unit
  • Neuro-oncology unit
  • Neurotrauma unit
  • Neuro endoscopy unit
  • Pediatric neurosurgery unit
  • Neuro-rehabilitation unit
The management board is working very hard to develop the following units within the subsequent years and these include:

  • Neuroradiology unit
  • Neuro intensive care unit
  • Neurovascular unit
  • Radiation-oncology unit
  • It must be known that the type of medical service we are providing is very unique in a sense that we deal with the most delicate parts of our body, the brain and the spinal cord. Accordingly, all diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) procedures are highly dependent on skills of the surgeon & technology. As a matter of fact, very tiny lesions within the brain or the spinal cord signifies a lot in terms of suffering (pain) or disability, therefore, such a lesion needs to be distinguished very clearly from the normal structures before any kind of decision be it conservative or surgical treatment is undertaken (Diagnostic phase). 

On the other hand, most surgical procedures need to be performed by highly skilled, experienced and sub-specialized professionals. Our operation theater is equipped with operation microscope, micro instrumentation image intensifier, Medtronic navigation system, high speed drills and related instrumentation with the objective of better magnification and visualization so that surgeries are performed with less or no damage to the normal brain or spinal cord surrounding the area of abnormality. Hence, patients have smooth recovery, lower chance of surgery induced deficits and reduced hospital stay and cost of treatment.

   Ambassador for Epilepsy award to Dr. Zenebe Gedlie Damtie at 25th International Epilepsy Congress in Lisbon, Portugal by The International Bureau For Epilepsy and International League Against Epilepsy.