Addis Cardiac Hospital P.L.C (ACH​)

      Cardiovascular diseases are, by far, the most prevalent causes of death in the world today. Addis Cardiac Hospital takes pride in being the first specialized Cardiovascular hospital in Ethiopia. Addis Cardiac Hospital is the First Cardiovascular Hospital Established bySwedish and  Ethiopian Shareholder as a joint Venture .The Hospital has been operational since May,2007 and providing high quality  diagnostic & treatment service for Patients with   Cardiovascular and Related Problems.

Cardiovascular diseases have typically been limited to economically developed countries. Due to rapid changes in life style (urbanization, consumption of excessive amounts of animal-derived fat, a sedentary life style and smoking) as well as increasing life expectancy, as a result of the control of communicable diseases, the problem has spread to the previously less developed regions of Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and to certain sectors of the populations of the poor African countries.

Recognizing this increased need of specialized healthcare, Addis Cardiac Hospital strives to provide its patients with high quality medical treatments according to their specific need.

To Establish and run a state of art of cardiovascular diagnostic and Treatments    Facilitate To Play Vital role in increasing Public Awareness about Cardiovascular   
To Promote Preventive Measures.


To Establish Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center. 


              Telephone: 011-6634720/40/41
              Mobile: 0924-954057
              Fax: 011-6634719
              Africa round about on ring road to Kaliti, Opposite to Ethiopian Airline Hanger.

1PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention)18Rapid consult (Warfarin, BP etc).
2Trombolysis in acute MI19I.V. line open.
3Pacemaker/ICD implantation20Catheterization (Urinary track).
4Lung function test (Spirometry)21Blood transfusion service.
5Standard Echo/Doppler (ACH patients).22Emergency care per hr..
6Standard Echo/Doppler (non ACH patients).23Admission observation time
7Trans-Esophageal Echcardiography (TEE).24Post mortem care.
824-HR BP monitoring.25Ambulance service/km or per hr.
9Stress ECG.26Laboratory Services.
10ICD function test.27Ambulance service with Nurse care.
11Pacemaker Function test.28Ambulance service with Doctor care.
12Tilt test.29Wound care (dressing).
13R-test (4-7 days).30Chest and abdominal tappning 
14ECG with interpretation.31Compilation of medical summary.
15ECG, consultation.32X-Ray service
16Phlebotomy.33Abdominal ultrasound
17Defibrillation with Cardioversion.

 Staff and Specialization 

 ACH have  5 Interventional Cardiologist among this 4 are full timers & 2 internist fulltime & 38 admin Staff
 Departments  Medical &Administration
Specialty departments (Cardiology, , Neurology, Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology, orthopedics, Urology,      Oncology, Podiatry, Gynecology,   Surgery, ENT,  (Head & Neck),Surgery and Joint Replacement.)e.t.c  -Our Specialty is cardiovascular diagnosis and treatments.


Pharmaceutical Service

Although the pharmacy is run by the hospital administration and is part of the hospital, it is considered an entity of its own, and is, as such, run as a separate business, thus performing all of its transactions, such as purchasing and selling its products autonomously.

The services include:

  • Selling medicine and medical equipment to clients according to doctors prescription. 
  • Collecting exposable or expired medicine from individuals to be burned. 
  • Taking purchase orders incase of shortage. 

    Cafeteria Service

    The cafeteria service is an outsourced service in order to ensure that professional in this field can take care of our in- and out patients. The cafeteria also serves visitors to the hospital, as well as other dinners.