Private Hospital Association
Hospital Associations
We are facility owners Association.
We provide advocacy and capacity building.

PHA Initiatives

PHA members are involved through task forces and advisory groups.
Current PHA initiatives:
  • Public private partnership
  • Pharmaceutical sector initiative
  • Social health insurance initiative
  • Hospital standards
  • Patient safety and right
  • Private hospitals service manual and audit tool
PHA provides services to the hospital community beyond traditional issue advocacy. These initiatives impact the coordination of care across the health sector. They affect inpatient and outpatient care, specialty health care services, patients, and constomers.

The initiatives PHA engages in include , engaging policy makers , health care professionals, public-private partnerships, relationship-building with others interested in improving health care, and strategic planning.


Improving Patient Experience


Satisfied patients have better care outcomes, greater compliance with treatment, fewer unhealthy behaviors, and fewer visits to the emergency department. When patients and their families are engaged as partners with the health care team, patients report better physical and emotional health.

Increasing Transparency


Improving the consumer health care experience is a top priority for hospitals and health systems. That experience begins well before the delivery of health care services. As consumers become more involved in making decisions about their medical care, they need and deserve information about the cost and quality of their care.

Integrating Care


Coordination of health care services is the most effective approach to caring for individuals with multiple health care needs. Partnerships and collaboration among the health care community improves care access, delivery, transitions, and patient outcomes.