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We are facility owners Association.
We provide advocacy and capacity building.

Our Health Our Community

we believe healthy future begins with every individuals health. In order to build a productive citizen, we need to build a healthy citizen. That is how we think we can sustain our development and guarantee our journey towards a great nation.

Our Mission

By empowering member hospitals enable them to provide quality and affordable medical service and contribute to the building of healthy nation.


Our Vision

To see private hospitals be center of excellence and provide globally competitive medical service.


About the Association


The private hospitals association was established in 2012 and it has been in operation for the last four years. The association had 24 member hospitals. This fiscal year the Association has designed a strategic plan to coordinate its efforts effectively and in a well organized manner. According to the strategic plan it will be focusing on advocacy, capacity building, public relation activities and membership expansion for the coming five years.

The Association has co-ordinated the representation of private hospitals and offered a forum for exchange of information and best practice between members throughout that time. Over recent years it has become increasingly involved in contributing to the formulation of various aspect of Health Policy.


what we do


PHA members operate in Ethiopia. We contribute significantly to the provision of high quality, value-for-money health care to the population.
  • Promote quality and efficient healthcare for patients of private hospitals in Ethiopia
  • Assist in the overall improvement of healthcare management and policies through the development and exchange of practices, procedures, innovation and other appropriate information among hospital managers, clinicians, policy makers and consumers
  • Facilitate a collaborative relationship with the publicly funded health system
  • Foster a greater public, official and political awareness of the nature and working of private hospital sector as an essential and integral part of the fabric of the nation's hospital infrastructure

A Healthy Future Begins With You

The vision of The Hospital & Health system Association is a healthier Ethiopia. And that future begins with you and your health. Patients and families must be engaged and empowered to value good health and to make sound health care decisions. That means having access to accurate information and the right care in the right place at the right time. By providing you with timely and accurate information on important health care topics.

The consumer area of this website not only serves as a place to become an engaged and empowered patient, but also provides information on issues impacting Ethiopians health system and tools for you to become an advocate to strengthen health care in your community.

Capacity Building for its Members

Awareness creation campaigns through media.TV , radio, medical magazines and newspapers.
Publishing news letters.
  • Health related short term training
  • Leadership and managerial training
Common infrastructure and facility ownership:
Code of conduct:
Public relation activities :